Sim Racing Broadcast (iRacing) (BSR)


Use our online booking system to reserve your live broadcast & check availability. Please note all bookings need to be confirmed by email, once you have received the confirmation email, only then is your broadcast spot 100% reserved.

Overlay Graphics Data:

Project File – This is what we use to bring up detailed information on the screen within our overlay. When you book your broadcast an Apex Racing TV administrator will confirm your booking as above but also send you links to online data files. These are the data files that we will maintain and use to show the overlay data. It’s important to keep this data up to date as it will affect the quality of the broadcast.


Series Details

Fill in the basic details about your series or broadcast.

Paint Pack

Supply a link to the latest paint pack for the series or simply type “Trading Paints” if you are using that service. Please note if you update your paint pack but have not updated the link we will continue to use the existing file we have on record.

Series Sponsor Qty * 

If you have a series sponsor and wish us to add their logo on the overlay, Upload them below in a .png format with no background. Please note these will be placed on our overlay where it will have a black background.

Overlay Data Files

Upload the latest projects files and paint packs for our broadcast team. Please ensure series sponsors are .png format with a clear background.

(max file size 8 MB)

(max file size 8 MB)

How We Use Your Data * 

We will not share your information with any other companies except for the explicit use of providing the requested service above.
We would like to send you information about your booking, this can be by email, social media & communication platforms like Discord. For a full breakdown of our privacy policy please visit
If you agree to be contacted in this way, please tick the relevant boxes.