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Use our online booking system to reserve your live iRacing broadcast! Please note after placing your booking we will need to confirm our availability with you. Only then is your broadcast spot 100% reserved. Note: All bookings are in GMT (not necessarily UK time). Please check for any changes in your local Summer Time etc during your series to ensure bookings remain accurate.

Once the order has been completed Apex Racing TV will provide you access to our Discord server and to your own series Discord channel. You will then work with us to ensure we have all the information needed to make sure your series runs smoothly. This includes providing you with a Template Spreadsheet so that you can enter any series specific information required for our overlay graphics, such as team names or driver classes etc. We would also use this channel for all series communication throughout the season, such as championship standings, changes to schedule, feedback on the broadcasts etc.

Please note that Re-streaming our live content is not permitted unless with prior explicit permission from Apex Racing TV. You may reuse use our content for other promotional uses for your league but the Apex Racing TV logo must be included in the footage.

Cart Qty should match the number of rounds you require broadcasting.


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We operate a different pricing structure based on whether the customer is a Sim Racing hobbyist or a business. We want to allow a group of friends to come together to organise a broadcast for their race but need to ensure that our staff are paid a fair wage for when businesses with commercial interests are involved. If you are unsure of which selection to make then please use the contact form before placing your booking.

Send us a simple list showing the Start time (in GMT), dates and venue of each round.

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Paint Pack

Supply a link to the latest paint pack for the series or simply type “Trading Paints” if you are using that service. Please note if you update your paint pack but have not updated the link we will continue to use the existing file we have on record.

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We will not share your information with any other companies except for the explicit use of providing the requested service above.
We would like to send you information about your booking, this can be by email, social media &; communication platforms like Discord. For a full breakdown of our privacy policy please visit
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